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From the Back Cover
Then what was said through the prophet Jeremiah was fulfilled: A voice is heard in Ramah, weeping and great mourning, Rachel weeping for her children and refusing to be comforted for they are no more. Matthew 2:17 NIV
Every so often a book comes along that radically alters what people think about the world. For example, UNCLE TOM’S CABIN made slavery unthinkable. And 1984 made totalitarianism intolerable. WEEPING IN RAMAH is such a book. It could very well bring down the curtain on the Age of Abortion — the bloodiest era the world has ever known.
Set in a near-future America where almost all restraint against the destruction of innocent lives has been removed, the book paints a nightmare landscape: A three month waiting period after children are born to see if they have sufficient “quality of life” to be allowed to live. Hospital bio-ethical committees that decide which patients to treat and which to let die. Organ banks where those judged to have insufficient quality of life are kept in a kind of suspended animation while their organs are used as spare parts for others. A multibillion dollar industry arising from aborted fetal by-products — cosmetics, emulsifiers, skin conditioners, etc. Cruel experimentation performed without anesthesia on aborted live fetuses. Nothing stands in the way of this pro-death juggernaut except a clandestine group of radically committed prolifers headed by Mike Adams and his daughter, Leslie. As they battle to save babies in a kind of modern underground railroad, their choices become more limited, their actions more dangerous, and their stance for life more futile. All hope seems lost until Leslie, reminiscent of Ransom in C.S. Lewis’s PERELANDRA, actually puts her own body on the line by interposing herself between scores of innocent lives and the insane machinations of a murderous doctor. As the book proceeds we see the quality of life ethic exposed for what it is: a kind of modern barbarity that is comparable to any of the terrible massacres, wars, and persecutions of history. More than just a novel, WEEPING IN RAMAH is a prophetic warning for America to turn aside from the death mentality that threatens to engulf us.

Publishing Info
Weeping In Ramah by J. R. Lucas — who signed the half-title page as shown. From the First Printing by Crossway Book in 1985. The ISBN is 0-89107-357-4. This paperback book measures about 8-3/8″ x 5-3/8″ and has 228 numbered pages.

See photos above. In very good condition for age with bruise on top front cover edge and and crack in top right corner as shown (tape on back side supporting it). The spine has not been opened/creased. The pages are toning naturally from age but are otherwise in very good condition. Signed to a very special lady (will tell you more about her later). From clean, smoke-free home.

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