Shipping & Payment Options


Check the Shipping paragraph of any item you are interested in. There I briefly describe how I plan to package the item and what shipping method I would normally use. Of course you may request more secure packaging or a faster delivery method, for example. It is my pleasure to send items in the way that makes you most comfortable. Some buyers want insurance, others prefer FedEx, while most say “send the cheapest way.”

I have opted for the checkout option which ends with the placement of an order. I may be able to send an invoice right away, or I may wish to communicate with you first to see if you have any special requests. Of course you will have the option to pay that invoice or ask for an adjustment if you want to make any changes.

As soon as you pay (with your Debit/Credit Card, PayPal balance, check or money order) I will ship with a method that provides tracking. Insurance is included free with some but not all shipping methods.

For your planning purposes, the first pound of Media Mail items (books, CDs, LPs, etc.) travels for $3.75, with each additional pound of qualifying items adding about 50 cents to the shipping cost. There are four First Class options. First Class 1 is for items 1-4 ounces for a USPS postage cost of $3.75 for the first item, with an additional item shipping for free or just a few cents more. First Class 2 is for packages 5-8 ounces with a postage cost of $4.25. First Class 3 is for packages 9-12 ounces  and First Class 4 is for packages that weigh 13-16 ounces. I can fit a lot into a $8.00 Priority Flat-Rate Mailer, which includes up to $100 in insurance coverage. A one-pound Priority Box will cost $9.00. Insurance is available for First Class and Media Mail packages at the cost of $1.75 for the first $50 of coverage. The cost to send heavier items (non-media) cannot be determined until I know your zip code and preferred carrier (USPS vs UPS for example) and speed (overnight or cheapest or something in-between). I am happy to give you a postage estimate before you place an order.

If you have a UPS or FedEx account that you want to use for shipping, I will only charge you for the cost of the items and let you create the shipping label and Email it to me.

Shipping outside the United States is limited and will be agreed upon (or not) after Email conversation. Tracking and insurance is limited or expensive for international shipments — but not having it puts a strain on both buyer and seller. Neither of us wants to bear the full cost of lost/damaged items.

No automatic shipping calculator (that I have found) is better than I am at figuring the best shipping option for you.  But this means that you will need to wait to pay until I gather the items you want to purchase, find the right packaging, then send the invoice.

My goal is that you not pay more than you should for postage. I hope that will make you happy — and that you will be willing to accept a slight invoice delay in order to achieve these savings.