JACKIE – #205 Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, 35″ Great American Doll In Box


JACKIE – #205 Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, 35″ Great American Doll In Box

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What You Get
“Jackie” — Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis at 6 years old. This is doll 205 out of 5,000 made by The Great American Doll Company (see certificate in photos above). The doll was designed by Bruno Rossellini and is crafted out of porcelain-like hard vinyl and has glass eyes. The Swiss batiste dress with French finishes and laces was created by Eileen Fitzgerald Smith. Under the dress find a full slip and bloomers. The smocking and embroidery is done by hand, the stockings are hand knit and the sweet little shoes are leather. It is listed as a 35″ doll, but it measured closer to 34″ for me (not sure if hair poof is considered a part of the overall measurement). Fully poseable, she can sit, stand, kneel, etc. Her necklace is a child’s version of a coral and gold chain necklace worn by Jackie and purchased at a Sotheby auction by The Great American Doll Company. “Cristophe” of Beverly Hills and Washington, D.C. designed Jackie’s hair. 

Below find (far left) the photo of the original outer mailing box with storage and water stains, then the inner doll box (top and bottom photos) in very nice condition (and no stains), and lastly the Victorian paper over inner liner lid (what you see when you take off the doll box lid). 


The current owner told me the doll had never been removed from the box, but I’m not certain of this fact. I carefully untied it for the purpose of photographing the beautiful condition of this doll, but left it in the box. The doll was/is tied into the base of the box with fabric ribbons as shown in one of the last in the main photos above. The first in the 12 gallery photos above shows the doll once untied, then I took several close-ups of the doll and her clothing, then turned the doll so you and see her from the back. Then I tied her back into the box. Yes, there are paper tears in the bottom corners of the inner doll box — presumably where the baggy of papers was taped.

In that clear bag find several things that were original or perhaps added later. The certificate (shown in main photos above) has not been filled in so you can insert you name on front and back if you’d like to. The certificate front has an issue date of November 11, 1996. The back is dated November 15, 1996. The color promo/advertising piece is also shown above and includes more details about this doll. Below see the other two papers: a copy of an article in the Styles section of The New York Times dated September 1, 1996, talking about this doll, and a double-sided paper with a Style File article from Newsday on October 10, 1996, which shows the “Jackie” doll at upper right inset of first page. All of these papers are in good condition. 

Generally sent the same day your payment arrives. I can send this with plastic wrap then brown kraft paper over the original shipping box (cheapest way with some protection) or I can put this box inside another (for more money but also more protection) or even just put a shipping label directly onto the original shipping box. Your choice. It weighs about 13 pounds with paper wrap option. Different carriers have different insurance costs. I can send you a postage quote after you let me know your preferences.

Not sure?
If you’d like more information or photos of this Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis doll, please feel free to contact me. If it’s the price you don’t like, make a reasonable offer!