ADVANCED ROUTING – The Workshop Companion, Nick Engler


From The Workshop Companion series with Techniques for Better Woodworking by Nick Engler.

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From the Book Back
Your router is one of the most versatile power tools in your shop. No other machine will perform as many different operations, from simple joinery to reproducing intricate patterns. There are also many operations that you can perform only with a router, such as creating wooden signs, cutting concentric circles and ovals, and copying three-dimensional shapes. You can even use this tool in combination with a lathe to cut reeds, flutes, and other designs on turnings. Author/craftsman Nick Engler explores the many things you can do with a router beyond basic joinery and shaping. He shows how to rout a variety of complex joints, including mortise-and-tenon joints, finger joints, and dovetails. He explains how to reproduce both two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes, how to use a router in conjunction with a lathe, and how to inlay a variety of materials with a router. Over 200 illustrations clearly show how to safely perform dozens of advanced routing procedures. There are also plenty of shop-tested tips, ingenious jigs and fixtures, and inside information to help you get the most from your router. More important, Advanced Routing shows you practical applications for much of this valuable information. There are complete plans and instructions for both shop aids and furniture projects. The shop aids include:
•  An ingenious router workbench that does much more than an ordinary router table. It includes special accessories to mount the router in several useful positions. The workbench holds the router beneath the work, while an overhead routing jig suspends the router above the work. A mortise-and-tenon jig holds it to one side.
•  An overarm pin holder that converts a table-mounted router to a pin router, enabling you to reproduce complex shapes and patterns.
•  A fluting jig that lets you rout along the length of a spindle, creating reeds, flutes, and other shapes. It also helps you rout mortises and other joints in cylindrical stock.
The projects include:
•  A matching snowflake bench and table with an intricate pattern on the bench back and tabletop. The pattern is cut with a router.
•  A tip-and-turn table that demonstrates several advanced routing techniques — you will use a router to shape and scoop the oval top, create the flutes in the pedestal, and cut the dovetail mortises and tenons that join the legs.

Publishing Info
Advanced Routing from The Workshop Companion series with Techniques for Better Woodworking by Nick Engler. From the 5th printing by Rodale Press with 1993 copyright. The ISBN is 0-87596-578-4. This hardcover book measures about 11-1/8″ x 8-5/8″ and has 123 pages with Index at the back.

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